Bounding Box

June 14th

IT Park, Osijek

Bounding Box

Deep tech conference in the heart of Slavonia.

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Bounding Box

Artificial intelligence, drones, and space technology aren’t just buzzwords, they are the driving forces shaping our world, revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact. Bounding Box is here to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs—who push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our vision is to create a truly unique event, here in beautiful Slavonia, where cutting-edge technology topics meet unforgettable gastronomy experiences. Together, let’s shape the future—one breakthrough at a time.

The conference is organized by Protostar Labs, R&D company focused on artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

Event Speakers

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Print, Assemble, Fly Workshop

The workshop provides a practical experience of 3D printing and assembling an unmanned aerial vehicle. At the beginning, participants get an introduction to the basics of multirotors, covering their basic components and principle of operation. Afterwards, the participants are involved in the process of designing and constructing parts of the aircraft, which will be followed by a practical demonstration of 3D printing of parts of the aircraft frame. After the parts are printed, assembly and calibration activities follow to ensure the functionality of the spacecraft. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to fly the constructed aircraft.

This comprehensive workshop provides a hands-on learning experience of several current technologies, using modern software and hardware tools.


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Dubravko Babić

Eridan Communications

From Sillicon Valley to Zagreb
in 3 startups

In the fall of 2024, Eridan Communications will offer the lightest and smallest 5G radio to the world market. The product is based on a polar modulator architecture that has never been successfully commercialized. The presentation describes the establishment of a company in Silicon Valley and the opening of a branch in Croatia. Special attention was paid to cooperation with California and work with the new gallium nitride semiconductor technology, which Croatia has no experience with yet.

Robert Manenica

Hrvatski Telekom

The future with 5G

5G technology unlocks a world of possibilities for creating innovative products across various industries, driving digital transformation, enhancing connectivity, and shaping the future of an always connected world.

Tomislav Radišić

FPZ, University of Zagreb

Uniting Unmanned and Manned Air Traffic Management with a Little Help of AI Friends

In an era where the skies are increasingly shared by drones and traditional aircraft, the integration of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management and Air Traffic Management has become essential. The lecture explores this critical intersection, offering a view into how artificial intelligence could serves as the bridge for connecting these two worlds.